Leader Price's customers can now save their vouchers directly in Apple Wallet! 🆒 📲

Leader Price, the French discount store chain (850 stores) of the Groupe Casino, is now using the #mobilewallet solution provided by Carving Labs! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 Previously, Leader Price's customers had no other choice than printing their voucher to benefit from a discount in the stores; And nowadays still, printed coupons/vouchers continue

Email, the ultimate touchpoint to propose mobile coupons & store cards.

At Carving Labs, we do not only digitize your offers and loyalty cards, we want to give you the best advices to maximize the usage of mobile wallets for your business! One of the best digital touchpoint to enable customers to save their cards or offers in the wallet is

Carving Labs new client : Europcar !

After Airline companies, rental cars are following the trend of mobile wallets. When making a booking with Europcar app, the number one car hire company in Europe gives you the possibility to store your reservation in Apple Wallet at the end of your booking! Benefits for the customer : No need


Wonder how to leverage #mobilewallets for your loyalty scheme? #mobilewallets are much more than a payment method, brands can propose customers to store their coupons, loyalty cards directly into the native applications Apple Wallet or Android Pay in order to push them the relevant information such as their balance, new

And Carving Labs new client is .... ETAM!

Etam, one on the leader in the lingerie sector in France launched in July the option for their customers to save their loyalty card directly in the native application, Apple Wallet! Customers who subscribe to the Etam loyalty program are rewarded with stars every time they shop at a store